What We Do

Bizzybody Events offers full service event planning and management services.  From corporate events and conferences to non-profit events and fundraisers to galas and celebrations, we have arranged and organized hundreds of events of all types and sizes - raising more than $3.1M in the last eight years - supporting communities and offering a quality of life for families.

Whether the event is large or small, private or open to the public...the attention to all the details is what guarantees a successful event everytime.

Let us event for you!

How we do it:

Where it starts....

  • outline event goals and desired outcome
  • gather all pertinent information about the event
  • determine budgets and present event options
  • determine event location(s)
  • set event dates

How it moves forward...

  • create the event plan, overall concept and logistics
  • develop the event budget
  • create task list(s) and detailed timeline
  • develop marketing and advertising materials
  • determine employee/volunteer requirements
  • outline equipment and facility requirements
  • obtain any permits, licenses, etc as required

When it's all done...

  • post event meeting and analysis
  • marketing, media and promotion review
  • recommendations, suggestions