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The Bizzybody Training Centre offers a wide variety of diploma courses, workshops, and micro-learning classes, at our facility, online, or in your community or workplace. With in-house curriculum design, we can not only customize a development plan for you, but we can also customize our trainings and programs to suit your unique needs. As a northern and Indigenous service provider, we know that businesses and communities are diverse. Success rests on relevant and specific learning outcomes, strategies, supports, and services. From professional development to community development, we look forward to creating a plan for you! foundations.

Indigenous Owned & Operated. Trauma-Informed, Cultural Approaches To Learning & Development.


The Bizzybody Training Centre is located in Fort St John in Treaty 8 Territory.

We leverage career competencies and essential skills to help our clients celebrate culture, build strong communities, and make money on their own terms.

Business creation, upscaling, training and development, consulting, and project and event management, specializing in those traditionally left out of modern models of education and business/career development.

Bizzybody provides training through and with recognized knowledge keepers, because business and career success happen in conjunction with, and not separate from community and cultural foundations.


We are grounded in

four key objectives


Economic development through entrepreneurship and career training and supports to help individuals, communities, businesses, and organizations be prosperous on their own terms.


Building economic resilience and prosperity through healthy social, cultural, and economic ecosystems, with collaborative and mutually beneficial relationships connecting individuals, businesses, and organizations.





Diversity is the catalyst of innovation.  Rather than being excluded from economic development, culture can and should play a significant role in the world we are designing. The sharing of worldviews and cultural foundations creates stronger communities, organizations, and economies. 


Innovation, creation, reinvention, and redesign are our greatest natural resources. Personal and economic development depend on our ability to dream and then to create!

The Bizzybody training philosophy is based on our belief that every learner is unique.

Return on Investment

Bizzybody delivers services with a demonstrated return on investment to the individual, the community, and the region as a whole. We create personal, business, community, and organizational economic development with measurable and tangible outcomes. We see connecting commerce, community, and culture as the way to build healthy economic ecosystems.

Programs and Courses

Bizzybody Training Centre offers a wide variety of diploma courses, workshops, micro-learning classes, and development programs. With in-house learning design, our programs and courses can be customized to fit the needs of your professional development and learning, or that of your community or organization. Specificity and relevance are keys to success, and we are invested in recognizing, honouring, and working with the economic, cultural, geographic, philosophical, and organizational diversity unique to each of our clients and partners.

Just In Time

Elite event and project management solutions for last-minute logistical and administrative problem-solving. Our team can parachute in just-in-time to assist your existing team, or to take over as your needs require. Whether it is a project about to tank because it can’t make a deadline, an urgent grant proposal or complex funding application, a major event with no catering or speakers locked in, or any other organizational emergency, the Bizzybody commandos can help you deliver on time, under budget, and with exceptional results. Don’t struggle. We’re only a call away, and ready to drop in with a moment’s notice.



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