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The Bizzybody Training Centre (BTC) provides training, facilitation and consulting services by supporting communities in their efforts towards self-reliance, self-governance and self-employment. We promise to maintain a connection to all cultures and increase the quality of their life now and for future generations by way of knowledge sharing and classroom style teachings

Ethical, cultural and Relationship Based Training and Consulting Services


Bizzybody is a located in the Treaty 8 Territory and its business services are a well-known friend to First Nations, Metis, Urban and Inuit as well as governments across BC and Canada. At Bizzybody we utilize a team approach and make extensive use of proven and creative techniques that any student of any age group can relate to. You only need a willingness to learn! While we do have an extensive catalogue of courses and solutions, the key to our training services really starts when we sit down with your organization and work with you to prepare and deliver a learning solution that is unique to your needs. We first want to know you!

The Bizzybody training philosophy is based on our belief that every learner is unique. We will sit down with you and workout a training solution that works for you and your needs. We do not deliver a cookie- cutter approach. We want to know you and work with you to personalize YOUR training content.

The Bizzybody consulting work is based on the concept of ethical, culturally based, long-term relationship building. The difference between training and consulting is that in a training environment, the Trainer transfers the knowledge, skills and techniques to the participants whereas the Consultant leads work groups through a series of customized methodologies, using the members operational knowledge to achieve results.


We are grounded in

four key objectives


To operate with transparency, accountability within our morals and values.


To deliver training from our perspective that meets the individual and collective needs of community’s and individuals.


To establish and maintain healthy relationships based on trust and integrity.


To help generate ethical revenue that supports Indigenous and Urban communities.

The Bizzybody training philosophy is based on our belief that every learner is unique.

Return on Investment

Bizzybody believes our services should result in a demonstrated return on investment to the individual, the community, and the region as a whole. We believe in tangible outcomes such as self-esteem, personal empowerment, and financial stability. We believe in outcomes that are simple and clear, improved self-esteem and resources back in the communities.

Programs and Courses

Bizzybody Training Centre offers a wide variety of courses, classes, programs and workshops. All of our offerings are customizable to your unique needs and are by no means an off the shelf one-size-suits-all type of solution.

Just In Time

Just-in-time is a great solution when your community has a challenge that needs to be met with an immediate remedy. Bizzybody works with your team at your facility where we act as a catalyst to assist your team to obtain an immediate change-result. A typical example is mobilizing a team to manage a new project such as a time sensitive and complex funding application: Bizzybody takes your team through each required step so they can get your application completed and submitted on time with the best chances of a successful outcome.



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