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Strengthening economic development for entrepreneurs, communities, and organizations.

Training & Development, Coaching, Project and Event Management, and Cultural Literacy for individuals, entrepreneurs, organizations, and communities. Our trainers, coaches, and strategists bring decades of experience in community economic growth through entrepreneurship, capacity building, and logistical supports.


Indigenous owned & operated. Trauma-informed, cultural approaches to learning & development.

About Us

Bizzybody Enterprises of Fort St. John, BC is a learning & development and consulting firm providing solutions for individuals, communities, businesses, and organizations. Specializing in Northern, Indigenous, and New Canadian entrepreneurs, innovators, leaders, and reinventors with business and career coaching, training & development, project and events management, strategic and community planning, DEI & cultural literacy education, and online and in-person facilitation.

We are also mavens of problem-solving and disaster control. Has an event snuck up on you? Is your project about to miss a deadline and tank? Think of us as the special forces of the management and administration world. Our elite events team will parachute into any pending corporate or community catastrophe, book the speakers, arrange the vendors, fill out the paperwork, create the plan, organize the details, and whatever else it takes to save the day!

Our passion is delivering strategic customized solutions that help people, businesses, organizations, and communities grow, connect, and contribute to healthy economic ecosystems.

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What we do...

Our Services

The Bizzybody Training Centre offers a wide variety of diploma courses, workshops, and micro-learning classes, at our facility, online, or in your community or workplace. With in-house curriculum design, we can not only customize a development plan for you, but we can also customize our trainings and programs to suit your unique needs. As a northern and Indigenous service provider, we know that businesses and communities are diverse. Success rests on relevant and specific learning outcomes, strategies, supports, and services. From professional development to community development, we look forward to creating a plan for you!

Education & Training

Diploma programs, workshops, and micro-learnings. Customizable for community, culture, location, or need.  Career, business, tourism, technology and computer literacy, Reconciliation and DEI, branding, management, office administration, energy resources. At our training centre, online, or in your community or workplace.





Coaching & Development

Career, Business, Community, and Organizational development supports. Strategic planning, HR, upscaling, marketing, budgeting, branding, business plan development, problem-solving, and reinventing.

Reconciliation & DEI

Move from Reconciliation to Reconcili-Action. Recruit, retain, and train your diversified team, and foster healthier relationships with community.




Event Management

Conferences, AGMS, Trade Shows, Culture Camps, Retreats, and more. From the big city to the backwoods. With extensive experience with the logistical constraints of the North, we bring an elite skillset to managing events in large urban centres. From concept and funding, to booking, managing the day of, and through to final reporting, we deliver professional and accountable services. We are also known as the special forces of events, logistical commandos able to parachute in at the last minute to save the day.


Meeting facilitation in-person at our facility or yours, or online, with technical supports, minute recording, report writing, vote recording, etc. Classroom and workshop facilitation with certified instructors.

Project Management

The Bizzybody team brings decades of experience specifically specializing in providing Indigenous and Northern community and corporate solutions: strategic, logistical, and administrative supports. Bizzybody is known for high-stakes project recovery and last-minute problem-solving, though we are equally dedicated to project conception and start-up.




Talent Management

Booking and logistical supports, tour coordination, and business coaching for elders, knowledge keepers, entertainers, and thought leaders. Current clients include comedian, keynote, and recording artist Art Napoleon of Moose Meat and Marmalade fame, and author and storyteller Christy Jordan-Fenton of the Fatty Legs series.

We craft unique strategies and customized solutions for training, development, and events.

What People Are Saying About Us!


"The WE Program helped open my vision about the professional environment here in FSJ. I got the tickets and skills to get a great job, but more importantly, I learned that I can study more and continue to grown as a professional and as person in my community. "

Alexander Espinal Flores

"I really enjoyed during this program, everybody was very supportive especially Kim, Jocelyn and Kristy. Now I have all the essential tools to start my new career (industry tickets, professional resume and how to tackle difficult interview questions) and lastly I made some really good friends 🙂 “


"The WE Program is exceptional! Certainly being part of this program has helped me to train myself in the professional and emotional, in ethics and essential regulations in our daily life, skills and inner confidence is strength for ourselves, do not hesitate to train every day more for your well-being. Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself. Learning may begin in the classroom, but it certainly doesn’t end there.“

Aneudy Grullon

"I'm beyond pleased with the service and professional help I have received from Bizzybody! Words cannot describe how truly grateful I am for all I have learned from the experience. Truly humbling how selfless and welcoming Jocelyn is. Highly recommend! “

Deanna Chambers - Chambers Farm


Bizzybody Enterprises is invested in strengthening economic development through the creation of healthy economic ecosystems involving every tier—individuals, organizations, and communities.

As a northern, Indigenous economic development firm, Bizzybody understands the need for customized culturally-based community solutions, because...

  • Every learner, organization, and community brings unique challenges and strengths which require unique solutions

  • Culturally-based, long-term relationship building, with accountability is not an aspiration, it is a bottom line

  • ROI is significantly improved through the application of detailed strategy and design at every level

  • Success doesn’t happen in silos; it is germinated and nurtured through collaboration and co-creation

  • Diversity is the catalyst of innovation

  • Conventional wisdoms of pedagogy and business are valuable, however, individuals, organizations, and communities are best served with customized solutions that address the unique factors influencing them, to include culture, geography, and worldview

Indigenous ways of knowing and being are rooted in collaborative, strengths-based approaches, that embody resilience and creative adaptability. These are principles that can improve any community, organization, or leadership practice.

Programs, Workshops
& Services Available:

Strengthening economic development through connecting commerce, community, and culture for creation.

Bizzybody Training Centre. We leverage career competencies and essential skills to help our clients celebrate culture, build strong communities, and make money on their own terms.

Business creation, upscaling, training and development, consulting, and project and event management, specializing in those traditionally left out of modern models of education and business/career development.

Bizzybody provides training through and with recognized knowledge keepers, because business and career success happen in conjunction with, and not separate from community and cultural foundations.

Current Programs and Workshops

Micro Learnings and Workshops

  • Office Administration Essentials
  • Proposal Writing
  • Governance
  • Business Review & Evaluation
  • Project Management
  • Human Resources Planning
  • Organizational & Individual Performance Management
  • Building Effective Teams
  • Conflict Management
  • Diagnosing Management Processes
  • Public Speaking
  • Risk Assessment & Management
  • Information Management
  • Managing Change
  • Strategic Planning
  • Leadership Development
  • Brand Storytelling
  • Computer Basics: Office Suite, Google Suite, Video Conferencing, Tablets and iPads, and more...


Diploma Programs

  • BE-Business Essentials Entrepreneurship Training
  • Cultural Entrepreneurship and Artpreneurship
  • HIDE-Hospitality and Indigenous Designed Experiences tourism training
  • TEA-Tours, Events, and Adventures tourism training
  • TIDE-Technology and Indigenous Designed Experiences: Virtual Tourism training
  • ERE-Energy Resource Essentials
  • WE-Workforce Essentials employment training

Multi-Day Workshops

  • Tea 2 TikTok: Technology and Storytelling for Elders and Knowledge Keepers
  • Reconcili-Action Training - Reconciliation, DEI, and being a better neighbour
  • Computer Literacy Essentials
jocelyn eisert - 2021

Meet Jocelyn

Jocelyn Eisert is the CEO and founder of Bizzybody Enterprises. She has devoted her work (and life) to helping groups bring events to life and is continually inspired by the transformation and life changes the participants experience. The youngest of 17 siblings, she credits her upbringing and Métis heritage with instilling strong family values, her passion for community and a strong desire to help others grow and improve.

A road trip to British Columbia in 2004 saw her make the spontaneous decision to move to Fort St. John, the city she now calls home with her husband Dwayne and daughter Jaylee.

Jocelyn has an extensive background in event management, facilitation and training and has worked with non-profit societies, corporations and First Nations.

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