Back to Basics (B2B) Program

Program Description

The Back to Basics (B2B) Program is a necessity for Indigenous people in order to succeed tomorrow, you need to start planning effectively today! Everyone needs to commit themselves to lifelong learning and this all starts with the B2B program. In order to fully contribute to the community and be a proactive member of the family or work environment certain foundation tools are required. This program offers just that!

This workshop or course can be simple or multi-faceted – and totally driven by the needs of the community and the individuals participating. We can help identify personal and business barriers and provide tools to move forward in a healthy way. We are excited about creating solid foundations and believe you should be too!

Life and basic essentials are necessary to succeed. This program will provide a solid foundation to support Indigenous people on their journey to fully embrace a balanced life. Federal and Provincial governments have identified the need to promote self-sufficiency across the nation. This is a great opportunity for individuals to obtain training and educate to demonstrate their abilities to walk in balance.


Depending on the detail required from the community this workshop can be anywhere from 1-80 days in duration.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Creates a safe place to share knowledge and cultural stories
  • Helps identify personal barriers and provide tools to support healthy initiatives
  • Helps identify professional barriers and provide tools to support business initiatives
  • Provides assessment services and deliver programs to meet the needs of the individuals
  • Introduction to financial management (banking, loans, taxes)
  • Insight into research and modern day technology for resource and information (google, internet, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Smart Phones, etc.)
  • Fostering creativity to think outside the box with confidence and positive engagement
  • Develop innovative ways to build processes for resilience and resourcefulness
  • Provide skills and competencies to make healthy decisions and promote healthy behaviours
  • Develop capacity for self-management, interpersonal relationships and decision-making
  • Educate around citizenship and valuing different perspectives
  • Connecting people to community and support individuals for life-long and long-term success