The Bizzybody Training Centre offers a wide variety of courses, classes, programs and workshops. All of our offerings are customizable to your unique needs and are by no means an off the shelf one-size-suits-all type of solution.

Northeast Indigenous Women in Leadership Development Program

Program Description The program will start bridging the large income gap (annual salary of women in business is $34,958 and men is $63,658 most recent census report), almost double the national average, between women and men in Northern BC. The consequences are sharp inequalities. Without access to resource sector wages or business income, Indigenous women …

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Leadership Development Training

Program Description By definition, leaders influence the behavior of others by describing a better vision of the future. We’ve learned that leaders who intentionally nurture an environment of mutual trust and respect tend to drive stronger employee performance, which leads to exceptional customer service—and ultimately— improved business results. This online course will inspire and empower …

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Strategic Planning Workshop

Program Description Participants learn how to bring organizations to an understanding of their mission, values, priorities, and strategic directions based on a commonly shared vision of their future, in a way that employees and communities understand and support. Areas covered include environmental scanning analysis of strengths-weaknesses-opportunities-threats (SWOT) establishing a future vision and mission statement identifying …

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Management Development

Program Description Every year, businesses lose millions of dollars because they fail to listen to, interact with, and respect the opinions of managers and staff. This workshop focusses on the needs of the managers and supervisors to act as coaches, facilitators, mediators and trainers. Participants learn how to apply step-by-step coaching and mentoring techniques that …

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Information Management Workshop

Program Description Participants learn about the need for, and means to, facilitate communication among Senior Management, users, and MIS specialists and how to create a link between the overall Strategy of the organization, the technology available in the organization, and/or new technology and accelerate the movement of the organization as rapidly as possible to integrating …

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Risk Assessment and Management Training

Program Description This workshop provides participants with the knowledge and skills, and a consistent framework for making informed decisions on risks. The risk management process taught is based on the Q850 process developed by the Canadian Standards Association, involving seven steps: initiation, preliminary analysis, estimating risk, evaluation of the risk activity, controlling risk, taking action, …

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Facilitation of Programs

Five Day Workshops Facilitation I This workshop is for those who have never done any facilitation before. It covers facilitation theory, techniques, and logistics, and teaches participants how to lead groups through the analysis of issues and problems, conflict resolution, decision-making, work planning (vision, mission, key result areas, objectives, goals and controls), action planning, and …

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Diagnosing Management Processes

Program Description Participants learn how to design and implement the most effective structure to deliver the Strategic and Operational Plan of the organization. Possible organizational configurations (hierarchical/functional, a matrix in project management mode, self-directed teams, a mix and match of different structures within the same organization) are reviewed. Activities covered include the examination of the …

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