Hospitality Indigenous Designed Experiences (HIDE)

Program Description

The HIDE Tourism Program fuses essential skills training, technical and technological competencies in the Tourism Industry sectors, and cultural exploration. Particpants build a foundation in personal health and wellness, followed by hands on instruction and certifications, to provide world class service, utilizing cutting edge intiaitves to adapt to a post-pandemic world. As the course progresses the participants learn how to tailor tourism experiences with cultural offerings, and how to brand and market those experiences, working with their own community’s elders and knowledge keepers, as well as with leading Indigenous innovators from across Turtle Island.
To levarage their knowledge and abilities, participants are mentored in resume creation and interview skills, and receive an introduction to entreprenuership. This program includes a four-week personalized aftercare service (in addition to the eight-week program) with either job coaching, personal or professional mentorship, or business plan creation.
Each participant of the Hide Tourism Program will gain knowledge and certifications to assist them in the Tourism Industry. All HIDE participants will complete a final project determined by the cohort. Examples of a final project can include hosting a feast, creating and presenting a digital project, or designing a guided tourism experience or interpretative activity. This project will be added to participant portfolios or resumes.
Learning happens through lectures, discussion, hands-on activities, assessments, online and in-person field trips, and independent study projects (language study, cultural research, time with elders etc).


Depending on the detail required from the community this workshop can be anywhere from 8-12 Weeks in duration.

Key Learning Objectives

  • A brief overview of the changes in tourism since March 2020
  • Learning preferences and creating a personalized learning strategy
  • Overview of Indigenous Tourism
  • Working in Tourism
  • Industry Sectors and Job Opportunities
  • Experiential Learning/Practical by Sector
  • Technology and Commerce
  • Resumes, Cover Letters, Job Searching, Interviews
  • Cultural Content