Information Management Workshop

Program Description

Participants learn about the need for, and means to, facilitate communication among Senior Management, users, and MIS specialists and how to create a link between the overall Strategy of the organization, the technology available in the organization, and/or new technology and accelerate the movement of the organization as rapidly as possible to integrating its information system.

Participants learn the Strategic and Operational Information Management process, which links the Information Management Plan to the overall Strategy of the organization, establishes its own strategy and operationalizes it, supervises its own implementation, and does its own evaluation.


Depending on the detail required from the community this workshop can be anywhere from 1-3 days in duration.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Reduces the waste associated with inaccurate and inaccessible information
  • Provides a strategic view of knowledge as an essential business resource
  • Integrates Knowledge Management to the other organizational processes
  • Links all parts of the organization through its information flow
  • Provides a consistent vocabulary for describing knowledge management
  • Provides a cycle for renewing and improving the management of knowledge
  • Ensures that all those involved play their roles fully y their roles fully