Managing Change Workshop

Program Description

Change, death, and taxes are the three things we can be sure about in life. We have two choices when confronted with change we can suffer it, or we can drive it. The choice is obvious and so, the organization needs a clear process for managing change from concept through to assessment.

This workshop provides participants with the skills to bring about change in an organization in a systematic way, with the full commitment of its people. Participants learn how to introduce and manage change so that it occurs much more smoothly, including how to target the change, trace its origin, analyse the impact, prepare a plan, implement and control the changes, evaluate the change, and ensure the new standard is in place.


Depending on the detail required from the community this workshop can be anywhere from 1-3 days in duration.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Involves participants in the role of change agent
  • Provides a practice field prior to engaging in the real change process
  • Challenges change manager to develop a complete, full-cycle solution
  • Provides a consistent and replicable framework for change
  • Involves and protects the stakeholders in the change
  • Reduces the variables in the change management process