Building Effective Teams Workshop

Program Description

There is a lot of chat about “winning teams,” or “high performance teams.” Teams do not just happen they are built, carefully, person by person. It teamwork is considered a value, then taking the time to do it well should also be important.

Participants learn how to establish, and operate in, a team structure in support of delivering work plans. The workshop covers how to: choose/assess team members, assemble the team and establish common values, identify and build on effective team behaviors, identify roles of the team members, plan the actions and tasks of the team, monitor controls, and correct deviations as the team carries out its work, and stimulate the team’s growth.

This workshop is directed to managers and supervisors who work in a team environment. Providing guidance to leadership so they can deliver to a healthy team. Together – they will achieve success.

Staff members can participate in this program to understand the roles, responsibilities, and methods of working in and building effective work teams.


Depending on the detail required from the community this workshop can be anywhere from 1-3 days in duration.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Gives a purpose to team building by establishing a team charter
  • Validates the role, responsibilities and accountabilities of each team member
  • Engages team members in mutual support
  • Ensures that the team’s work processes are well defined and understood
  • Improves the team’s rapport, creativity, inventiveness and decision making
  • Ensures that the team is contributing meaningfully to the overall mission
  • Builds the team on the basis of the work it will be called upon to perform