The Gold Standard: Modelling, Coaching and Mentoring Training Session

Program Description

The Gold Standard is a learning experience designed for Chiefs, Council Members, and Managers who are interested in increasing their effectiveness in relating to others and motivating their employees and volunteers through modelling, coaching and mentoring.

Organizations do not usually set up individual people for their best behavior. In fact, most people working in an organization don’t know how to behave with another they’ll discount the other person, they won’t listen to what the other is saying, they won’t connect with the other person in thought or emotion, and often, they won’t even extend basic respect. While they may be smart, sometimes brilliant intellectually, they lack the basic ability to connect emotionally with those around them.


Depending on the detail required from the community this workshop can be anywhere from 1-3 days in duration.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Provides the senior team with clear standards of behavior
  • Gives each manager in the organization clear expectations on their role
  • Increases individual motivation, loyalty and bottom-line orientation
  • Increases understanding of how senior modeling impacts on the organization
  • Frames continuous improvement in a real and measurable way
  • Changes the organization into a community of interest and a model employer
  • Places emphasis on values, beliefs and organizational culture