The Bizzybody Training Centre offers a wide variety of courses, classes, programs and workshops. All of our offerings are customizable to your unique needs and are by no means an off the shelf one-size-suits-all type of solution.

Business Planning Workshop

Program DescriptionThere are many excellent ideas. Unfortunately, excellent ideas do not always turn out. Often, a simple and straightforward analysis of the idea will provide good information on how feasible, realistic, and financially viable an idea is. Participants learn how to turn an idea into an actual reality. It all starts with a plan and …

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Governance Workshop

Program DescriptionGovernance comprises all of the processes of governing – whether undertaken by the government of a community or business over a social system (family, tribe, clan, formal, informal organization or territory) and whether through the laws, policies, power, language, traditions or societal norms of an organized society. It relates to “the processes of interaction …

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Proposal Writing Workshop

Program DescriptionFunding comes from government, business and local industry contributions. The key to accessing these funds is to write a great proposal that meets all the required mandates. This workshop helps you do just that – in a professional manner sharing knowledge for success. We can cover proposal writing in general or help you write …

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Office Administration: Customized Courses

Program DescriptionThis program is designed to provide students with the technical, administrative, and human relations skills required in today’s office environments. Students gain in-depth training in administrative and interpersonal skills, as well as in the use of computers and popular software applications, including the Microsoft Professional Office Suite and the Windows environment. Students learn to …

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Tourism Workshop

Program DescriptionTourism is a prime growth area for Indigenous and may involve government funding programs support growth and development of this key industry. Cultural Tourism is on the rise for many communities. Bear watching, wild game hunting and other nature getaways are already profitable businesses for many First Nations.   This workshop or course can …

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