The Bizzybody Training Centre offers a wide variety of courses, classes, programs and workshops. All of our offerings are customizable to your unique needs and are by no means an off the shelf one-size-suits-all type of solution.

Facilitation of Programs

Five Day Workshops Facilitation I This workshop is for those who have never done any facilitation before. It covers facilitation theory, techniques, and logistics, and teaches participants how to lead groups through the analysis of issues and problems, conflict resolution, decision-making, work planning (vision, mission, key result areas, objectives, goals and controls), action planning, and …

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Diagnosing Management Processes

Program DescriptionParticipants learn how to design and implement the most effective structure to deliver the Strategic and Operational Plan of the organization. Possible organizational configurations (hierarchical/functional, a matrix in project management mode, self-directed teams, a mix and match of different structures within the same organization) are reviewed. Activities covered include the examination of the current …

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Creative Design Workshop

Program DescriptionMany of us have forgotten how to be creative, locked as we often are in organizations that do not credit right brain thinking. Yet, we desperately need to create as individuals, and the organization we work in needs our best creativity as it develops the products and services of tomorrow. There is a constant …

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The Gold Standard: Modelling, Coaching and Mentoring Training Session

Program DescriptionThe Gold Standard is a learning experience designed for Chiefs, Council Members, and Managers who are interested in increasing their effectiveness in relating to others and motivating their employees and volunteers through modelling, coaching and mentoring. Organizations do not usually set up individual people for their best behavior. In fact, most people working in …

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Organizational and Individual Performance Management Workshop

Program DescriptionThe organization is only as good as the people that delivers its products and services. The organization’s overall effectiveness in implementing its strategic plan is a direct reflection of how well each person delivers individually and then collectively. It is vital, therefore, to assess the organization and the individual’s performance on a continual basis. …

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Project Management Workshop

Program DescriptionProject Management has proved its usefulness in a wide range of tasks, from traditional construction projects, to managing disruptive issues in the organization. Over the years, practitioners have come to draw a distinction between the process of managing a project (e.g. the Detailed Project Plan) and its techniques (e.g. Critical Path Technique). BIZZYBODY has …

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